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Livingston Junction Cabooses in
Eureka Springs Arkansas

Sleep tonight in luxury in a historic Caboose fashioned from actual rolling stock and furnished in quaint elegance for your comfort.

Enjoy our secluded area. Your stay with us will be a memorable one! Our cabooses are romantically nestled on the mountainside with a marvelous view of the historic site of railroading as it was in days gone by.

The name, Livingston Junction, combines the name of the "hollow" viewed down below the cabooses and the intersection where the original railroad from Seligman, Missouri headed south to Harrison, Arkansas and beyond. It spurs off to Historic Eureka Springs.

That same spur is used by the Eureka Springs & Northwest Arkansas Railway excursion train, so you can hear the steam engine chug. In the fall and winter, get a birds eye view of the railroad bridges and railroad "Junction."

Livingston Junction Cabooses are recently restored, renovated and decorated to create a unique, cozy, comfortable and nostalgic lodging.

Each caboose has its own private driveway - fashioned to look like a railroad bed, an outdoor hot tub on a large deck with outdoor furniture, a grill and hammock.

The only thing to make your journey into the past complete is the swaying of the train on the tracks as you settle in to a comfortable berth for the night.

Looking out over Livingston Hollow, you find yourself surrounded by trees and rock formations. Once in a while, a deer darts across the valley. Birds are everywhere singing. And, in the distance, the huffing of a steam engine and its whistle call to passengers can be heard.

Our Caboose Cabins

Livingston Junction Cabooses - Caboose 101 Front Door

Caboose 101 with Hot Tub

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Livingston Junction Cabooses - Caboose 102

Caboose 102 with Hot Tub

Rates from $131.00 per night View More Details